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After a certain amount of time, your home will be bursting out at the seams. When yard sales or donations won’t fix the problem any longer, maybe it’s time to consider an addition.

An addition is, in short, a structure that is added on to your home to create more living space. Here’s a few possibilities of the shape an addition could take:

  • Full room addition: An entirely new room is added to the house, such as a dining room, a great room or a family room. Such additions are expensive, but return high value in relation to their cost. Putting on an addition is pretty much like building a house itself, with design, permits, wiring, plumbing and more involved.
  • Bump out: A bump-out is a scaled-down addition, which is actually an enhancement on an existing room. This could mean a bigger kitchen, a more luxurious bathroom or a larger dining room. Most bump-outs have a new roofline, using a shed-style or flat roof. The cost-per-square-foot remains like a full addition, but there’s less square footage, so you save that way.
  • Sunroom: Today’s sunrooms are light years ahead of their predecessors. Pre-fabricated sunrooms with thermal-resistant glass and precision-cut aluminum frames are airtight and cozy. Sunrooms are also the least expensive of the addition options.
  • Conservatory: A conservatory is an upscale, more expensive sunroom. These wood and glass structures are generally built to showcase greenery.
  • Garage conversion: Converting your garage is an intriguing way to add living space. The structure itself and often the wiring is already in place. But a garage conversion adds little resale value, in part because it’s hard to make it blend with the rest of the house. Also a house without a garage is less appealing to a buyer.

Why Choose LMH For Your Project?

LMH offers its customers 25 years experience in home construction and general contracting. We frequently get calls from new customers referred by previously satisfied clients. We will use our experience and our contacts to get you the best price for your addition using high-quality materials and techniques.

Our Golden Rules

We promise to do the following for our customers:

  • A detailed estimate and timetable for your project;
  • Timely answers to your questions throughout the addition;
  • Creative design and attention to detail and craftsmanship;
  • The right construction materials for the job;
  • Dependable, courteous workers who respect your home;
  • Project completion within budget and on time.

Taking The Next Step

If you want to know how to make your project a reality, contact us at (207) 808-0564. We will walk through your home, looking for any unexpected complications, and listen to your ideas for your addition.
After that first meeting, we will give you a complete proposal, including a step-by-step plan and an estimate of cost and time to complete your project. In other words, everything you need to decide when to start creating a new, functional living space.

Our Happy Clients

We have had the pleasure of having LMH Construction remove and replace the roofing on our home. The job done was professional in every way. They worked hard and fast on a very large roof. They cleaned up everything and paid attention to details. They even ran into a structural problem, which they advised us of, we bought the materials, and they repaired what was wrong, and still finished on time.

Our Guarantee

You can be confident working with us. Our work includes a one-year warranty on all construction and labor.