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Selecting the proper replacement windows for your home is more complicated than it once was.

Energy-efficient windows that help to lower heating and cooling costs are en vogue among homeowners. So choosing the right combination of window components takes on added importance.

The first step is to have an energy audit, either a do-it-yourself one or one by a professional. It’s important to discover where your major energy-loss problems are.

This thermal-transmission analysis will help you to decide whether your problem can be solved with a little caulk or weatherstripping or a few storm windows and whether you need partial or full-house window replacement.

In general, here are some occasions when replacement windows make financial cents (er… sense):

  • Windows have single-pane glass or temperature-conductive frames and sashes;
  • Windows have deteriorated, having cracked windowpanes and/or rotting frames, sashes or sills or are non-operational, which can lead to water leaks, humidity problems and pest infestations;
  • Windows that won’t open or closed completely or are loose or weak from wear or damage can be a safety hazard.

Among the factors you need consider are frame, glass and design.

Frame: The types of framing material, each with its own plusses and minuses, are vinyl, wood, aluminum, wood-clad, composite and fiberglass.

Glass: Options are multiple, with double or triple panes, low-E glass with vacuum-sealed argon fill or denser fills, and even tints to provide UV protection.

Design: Most popular are double-hung, casement and picture windows. For an added touch of design, there are transoms, some of which are strictly decorative while others are functional.


There’s a lot of pressure on an exterior door.

It’s the face of the house to the world. It’s also supposed to keep the world out, be it weather, sound or people.

The first choice you must make is deciding what kind of doors you need to replace: front, other exterior, patio. Sub-varieties would include dutch or long-span.

Often, homeowners will spend a little more on those doors most likely to be seen by others, such as the front and patio doors, and skimp on other less-seen doors.

Still, when it comes to choosing the right replacement doors, you need to familiarize yourself with the most up-to-date materials and technologies.
Wood remains the dominant material used in exterior doors, but fiberglass, steel and MDF are gaining.

Other factors that need be considered are fire and sound ratings, as well as door swing and size.

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We have had the pleasure of having LMH Construction remove and replace the roofing on our home. The job done was professional in every way. They worked hard and fast on a very large roof. They cleaned up everything and paid attention to details. They even ran into a structural problem, which they advised us of, we bought the materials, and they repaired what was wrong, and still finished on time.

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