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Maine’s weather – sun, wind, rain, sleet and snow – are damaging to your vehicles. So why not add a garage or a barn to your property, protecting your investment in a car, truck, motorcycle or recreational vehicle while adding value to your home?

Also, it doesn’t take long for a family to outgrow their storage space. A garage or barn can multiply a home’s storage capacity. Also the structure can be design to accommodate family hobbies, with areas such as a workshop, a garden bench or sports equipment racks.

A Design Specifically Made For You

After you’ve figured out what functions you would like your garage or barn to serve, contact Central Maine-based LMH Construction. We have 25 years experience in home construction and general contracting. Using the knowledge we’ve accumulated through the years, we can design and build an attractive addition for your home.

Many Attractive Options

We can build for you a traditional one-, two- or three-car garage, with storage in the attic above. Or you could have living space over the garage instead. If you live in a more rustic setting, maybe you’d like a post-and-beam barn. We can also build specialty structures such as a horse barn or a boat shed.

Improving What You Already Have

We at LMH can make more of your current garage or barn. We can replace your overhead doors, maximize your storage space and make your structure more energy efficient, raising its value and lowering its costs.

When You’re Ready to Get Started

Give us a call at (207) 808-0564 when you want to bring your dream addition into being. One of our team will come to your house so we can learn about your goals for your garage or barn, and also to take a look where you want it built.

Then we’ll draw up a complete plan including the work to be done, the costs and a completion timetable. Before long, as you’re enjoying your new garage, you’ll be glad you gave LMH a call.

Our Happy Clients

We have had the pleasure of having LMH Construction remove and replace the roofing on our home. The job done was professional in every way. They worked hard and fast on a very large roof. They cleaned up everything and paid attention to details. They even ran into a structural problem, which they advised us of, we bought the materials, and they repaired what was wrong, and still finished on time.

Our Guarantee

You can be confident working with us. Our work includes a one-year warranty on all construction and labor.