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Along with the foundation, the roof is among the most important components of your home. It protects your family from heat, rain, snow and even more violent weather. But all that weather can damage your roof. This can result in water leaks, structural damage, mold, mildew and increased energy costs.

Signs of A Roof in Trouble

You need to get help for your roof when you see discolored, cracked, curled or missing shingles or water spots on your ceiling or attic. Ignoring these trouble signs can lead to even more expensive repairs in the near future and even health and safety risks.

Help From Above

If you see any of the above warning signs, contact Central Maine-based LMH Construction. We have 25 years experience working with roofs and have kept up on the latest techniques.

Among the options we offer are traditional shingles as well as metal and asphalt roofing. Dormers or skylights are another way to change the look of your home.

LMH’s Promises to its Customers

  • After inspecting your roof, we will give you an accurate, no-obligation estimate for either the repairs you need or the improvements you desire;
  • Using the suppliers we’ve come to value through the years, we’ll get you the best-possible price on high-quality roofing materials;
  • We’ll employ the best techniques on your roof – no shortcuts or cutting corners;
  • Our workers will be dependable and prompt, cleaning up at the end of each day’s work;
  • We’ll stay in contact with you, to let you know how the project is progressing;
  • We’ll do our best to finish on time, weather permitting.

Roofing Warranty

LMH provides peace of mind for the homeowner with a 30-year warranty, protecting against manufacturing defects or material failures.

Peace of Mind

Give LMH a call at (207) 808-0564 and we’ll come to your home and inspect your roof. We’ll then provide you a no-obligation estimate of what we think needs to be done to make your home energy efficient, safe and healthful.

Our Happy Clients

We have had the pleasure of having LMH Construction remove and replace the roofing on our home. The job done was professional in every way. They worked hard and fast on a very large roof. They cleaned up everything and paid attention to details. They even ran into a structural problem, which they advised us of, we bought the materials, and they repaired what was wrong, and still finished on time.

Our Guarantee

You can be confident working with us. Our work includes a one-year warranty on all construction and labor.