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Something has to go on the outside of a house, to protect the structure itself and its occupants from the elements.

These days, there are many, many different types of siding.

But there are several factors you need to consider when selecting siding: Water resistance (for longer life span); energy efficiency (the R value and the insulation needed are important); aesthetics (find the look you like best, because you’ll be seeing it for years); versatility (select a siding that will work on all parts of your project); and durability (can it withstand the temperature shifts in your climate?).

Following are some of the varieties of siding available and each’s strengths and weaknesses:

  • Stucco: A cement type of mixture added to sand or lime, stucco is reasonably priced. It can be shaped and textured to achieve an array of architectural styles. It can be applied over wooden, brick or stone surfaces.
  • Stone: Stone, including granite, limestone and slate, is durable and nearly impervious to the weather. The initial cost of stone is more than other types of siding and it is more more expensive to add to an existing structure. The upside is very little maintenance over the many years it will last.
  • Brick: Brick is durable, comes in many colors, textures and sizes and requires little maintenance. It is actually a veneer held together by mortar. Due to the cost of materials and installation, brick is on the high end, but makes up for that by requiring little maintenance.
  • Wood: Wood siding comes in a variety of types: bevel, shakes and shingles, barn board, engineered, and split logs. Wood requires a finish (paint or stain). Of these, split logs are the most expensive and requires the most maintenance.
  • Metal: Metal, including copper, zinc, aluminum and steel, is growing in popularity. There are a couple of advantages: metal can be shaped to fit and the strength and longevity of metals eclipses other siding. The application process is more complicated, however, and the color will change over time.
  • Veneers and fabricated siding: These manufactured materials are lightweight but durable, realistic and easy to install. This cheaper alternative is basically glued in place then caulked.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl has become the No. 1 siding in the United States because of cost, versatility, and low maintenance. It offers more than 300 color choices and requires few tools to install.
  • Fiber cement: Fiber cement siding gives the appearance of actual types of wood but is more durable than wood. It is more expensive than vinyl but cheaper than wood.

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When you’ve picked out the siding you want, contact Central Maine-based LMH Construction. We have 25 years experience working with exteriors and have kept up on the latest techniques.

LMH’s Promises to its Customers

  • After inspecting your home, we will give you an accurate, no-obligation estimate for the siding you desire.
  • Using the suppliers we’ve come to value through the years, we’ll get you the best-possible price on high-quality siding materials;
  • We’ll employ the best techniques on your exterior – no shortcuts or cutting corners;
  • Our workers will be dependable and prompt, cleaning up at the end of each day’s work;
  • We’ll stay in contact with you, to let you know how the project is progressing;
  • We’ll do our best to finish on time, weather permitting.

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Give LMH a call at (207) 808-0564 and we’ll come to your home and inspect your home. We’ll then provide you a no-obligation estimate of what we think needs to be done to make your home both comfortable and attractive.

Our Happy Clients

We have had the pleasure of having LMH Construction remove and replace the roofing on our home. The job done was professional in every way. They worked hard and fast on a very large roof. They cleaned up everything and paid attention to details. They even ran into a structural problem, which they advised us of, we bought the materials, and they repaired what was wrong, and still finished on time.

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You can be confident working with us. Our work includes a one-year warranty on all construction and labor.